Our Mission
We always strive to give the most competitive prices and best customer service.
About The Shop
Gamer Craze opened June 30th 2007.  When we first opened, it was just a video game and DVD retail hot spot in a small 12x14 foot storefront next to the American theater building in Canton, NY.  Just a hole in the wall back then, the shop slowly grew in popularity drawing attention from gamers all around the Potsdam and Canton area.  In the fall of 2008 Gamer Craze got into what would become a huge front for the business; Magic The Gathering (MTG).  After several short years, MTG grew exponentially as we became one of the largest tournament hosts in Northern, NY.  In the Fall of 2010 the shop was becoming a bit crowded, so we moved from our cozy home at 96 Main Street to a shop 4 times the size at 47 Main Street.  In our first year at the new store we have added 4 new inventory lines and acquired several new venders.  On top of our ever-increasing inventory, we soon became one of the top selling and largest tournament hosts for MTG in New York State, with turnouts of between 150-200 registrants for our major events.  Now, pushing forward into 2012, we are very excited to bring to our customers the ability to Pre-order their games and boosters online with shipping available at an unbeatable price.

Gamer Craze, 21 Minor Street, Canton, NY 13617 (315) 386-8616

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